Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Ingredients :

Eggs - 3

(Beat eggs with blender.If u get egg juice 1cup , count the remaining items as like egg juice.)

Sugar - 1cup

Maida - 1cup

Butter - 1cup

Baking Powder - 1/4 tbl spoon

(For how many eggs also you have to use less baking powder.Then cake will be soft otherwise it will become very hard.)

Process :

1. Break the eggs and make it juice . Then add sugar and mix well.

2. Then heat butter and add in that mix .

3. Then add maida, baking powder and mix well.

4. Now heat Oven 360degrees and after sometime reduce to 320 degrees. Now take one bowl and apply ghee for that and Keep that mix in that bowl and keep in Oven.

5. After 10mins add cashews in that . After 20mins you have to check carefully. then Cake is ready.


  1. This is a different preparation from how I learnt to make it, I love the results.

  2. the cakes look yummy, Rama! Nice post.

  3. By saying egg juice do you mean egg substitute or just the end result after whisking eggs? Please clarify. The recipe sounds so simple and your mini cakes looks so good.

  4. Cynthia

    Thank u so much...


    Thank u...


    Thank u so much....


    After u asked this question i have changed in my post about eggs.check them.We need to blend eggs.

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  6. Wow! Yummy.This changed the taste of my old method...
    Kindly say how to prepare BADUSHA a sweet which no andhrite refuse to have it.
    keep smiling