Monday, December 24, 2007


Ingredients :

Urad Dal - 1 Cup

Idly Rice (Boiled Rice)

- 7 Cups(Mixie)

- 9 Cups(Wet Grinder)

Fenugreek Seeds - 2 tbl spoons

Cooking Soda - 1/2 tbl spoon

Salt - to taste

Oil - 1 tbl spoon

Process :

1. Soak Dal and Bolied rice separately for 4 hours .

2. Wash Urad dal , add some water and freeze it for 1 hour . Take out the dal from freezer , add fenugreek seeds and grind it with the same cold water .

( If urad dal is freezed before grinding we get more batter . So we can add more rice like 7 cups . If you do not freeze dal , then you have to add only 3 cups of rice for 1 cup of Urad dal )

3. Now grind Rice separately and mix it with dal batter along with salt and cooking soda.

4. Now keep the batter outside till the quantity gets almost doubled ( for about 12 hrs approximately )

5. Now add water in cooker and heat it for about 10 minutes . Apply little oil to the Idly plates and keep idly batter and keep in medium for 20mins.

6. Now Idly is ready . This tastes good with coconut chutney or tomato chutney .

Note : This batter can be used for making Dosas also .

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