Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gulab Jamun

Ingredients :

For Sugar Syrup :

1.Sugar - 700 gms

2.Water - 700 gms

3.Elachi - 4 ( slightly crushed )

To make gulab jamun :

1.Gulab Jamun Packet - 1 (200 gms)

2.Water - 3/4 cup ( 120ml )

3.Oil - deep frying

Procedure :

Preparation Of Sugar Syrup :

1.Dissovle sugar in equal quantity of water and boil it for 5mins.

2.Flavor the syrup with crushed elachi .

To prepare gulab jamun :

1.Add 3/4 cup (average size) 120 ml water to the mix and make it into a soft dough by gentle mixing.

2.Add water in steps while mixing.

3.Make small round shaped jamuns.

4.Fry them over low heat in oil ( or ghee) till golden brown jamuns develop.The frying should not be done at very high heat.


  1. Looks so delicious Rama! How are you?

  2. Gulab jamuns look lovely. Lovely color..

  3. Nice ones..Even I prefer store brought gulab jamun mix

  4. Lovely jamun. I prefer having this with a scoop of vanilla icecream. But I always struggle to get perfect round shape without any cracks. Also share ur tips to get perfect round with no breaks.

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  6. have nice collection of recipes..sweets n rices,breakfast ..all are good..gulab jamun is really tempting..thanks for stopping by n following me: )
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